Sales Representative job for Virtual Tour & Creative Media Company

Sales Representative Job in Los Angeles for Creative Media Tech Startup Company
(Commission Only) Independent Contractor, (please, non-salaried position e-mail inquiries)

Business Walk 360 is a fast growing Los Angeles-based creative tech media company that creates 360 degree virtual tours and corporate videos for companies. We offer comprehensive professional quality media solutions to better promote and showcase retail markets and other commercial industries. We are looking to hire new team members for 2016 to sell media production package bundles to businesses both in Los Angeles & California markets as well as possibly other

Are you looking for more than a typical full time 9-5 desk job? Are you tired of getting paid peanuts at a company that isn’t really building your skills to grow yourself as a professional?

Would you like to work for a company you can actually believe in and support that provides services and products that will help local businesses to succeed?

Would you like to make at least 35K (part time) to 70K-100K by reaching your sales goals or possibly even much more in a full time job that will not only grow your professional skills but also develop your leadership skills as a businessperson?

Would you like to work for a new game-changing company that utilizes media, technology, and innovation to help local businesses and improve the overall economy?

Are you flexible, willing to think outside the box, and are able to thrive in a growing and changing start up environment? This listing may be for you.

Business Walk 360, a professional virtual tour and creative media content production company will be launching a new subsidiary company to focus on key business industries by selling special multi-media production packages. Please check out our website for past clients and industries we’ve served:

See our portfolio of past client galleries of our past work here:
Photography & Virtual tours galleries for past clients

Directory of our clients

Warehouse Discount Center article on 7 kitchen and bath showroom tours we photographed

We are in the process of once again recruiting and interviewing more sales people to form the perfect team in driving annual sales of professional media package bundles who will also represent the company’s ideals on the field and at events. Do you have no sales experience or not enough experience to list but feel qualified in applying? Don’t worry as we plan to send the team to a professional sales training once chosen and we’ll also do our own internal sales trainings on a continuous basis.

We believe that the best way to sell our products is through relationship-building with companies and their staff members through service and transparency. We do this by focusing on creating quality media content that showcases the business in their best image possible. Rather than focus on low prices that may jeopardize quality of our services, we instead focus on the estimated value that our services can help a business make back as a result of the quality media products & services we provide.


  • Sell a goal of at least one hundred or more $2,000-$3,000 (and up) media production packages and upgrades annually or more (these may be stand alone services or a combination of different media services which will be based on the client’s needs and wants.
  • Multi-tasker, ability to wear many hats if needed
  • Self/Starter
  • Goal Setter
  • Flexibility and Patience in a growing creative media start up.
  • Punctuality & Professionalism but also to know be able to recognize when to relax.
  • Public speaking and networking skills (definite plus if you can present to groups and company staff about services). We may incorporate social media and professional video production so be willing to also
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Excel
  • Auto Insurance and access to own vehicle (other insurance encouraged).
  • Smart Phone &/or Tablet device.
  • Access to home desktop computer/laptop
  • Must sign W9 (For Misc-1099 tax forms to be sent in following year)
  • Must live in Los Angeles or surrounding local areas.

(Note: This position will start out initially as a commission-only sales position. However as our company grows and our operational budget allows for it, the original chosen sales rep team members will have priority in opting for salary + commission opportunities in the near future)

Desired Qualifications (Encouraged but not required):

  • A background in sales
  • marketing ( encouraged but not required )
  • Proposal and report writing skills (not required but helpful for Request For Proposals and presentations when necessary)
  • Basic understanding of Google Analytics (not required but is a plus, will train on the basics)
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (not required but is a plus)
  • Background or general understanding in photography, video production, and/or virtual tours (not required but is a plus)
  • Supervisor experience
  • Online sales/e-commerce experience
  • Corporate sales experience or an understanding of corporate sales & management structure Google+Local optimization (not required but is a plus)
  • Panoramic 360 Photographic & Video Technology (not required but is a plus in undestanding what we sell)
  • strong networking skills especially in retail industries and real estate networks (not required but is a plus)
  • Tech Savy people are encouraged
  • Knowledge of e-commerce and various online store platforms is a plus Experience with Graphic Design & Corporate Branding (not required but is a plus) Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc. B.A/B.S and/or relevant college education or practical work experience in sales / marketing or related background (a plus but not necessarily required).
  • If you don’t have a formal university or sales education, practical work experience related to sales can work.


  • Around Up to 35K – 45K (part time) to 70K-$100K (full-time) or more in commissions for the right salesperson who hits their goals.
  • flexible schedule (as long as you’re able to meet or exceed your annual sales goals, your schedule is flexible beyond required meetings but aware that many businesses function weekdays 9am-5pm.
  • Sell visual media products that actually help business owners promote their own products & services to help them ultimately increase sales.
  • opportunities to work from home and via computer by telecommunications or in other cities
  • Opportunities to attend possible seasonal and regular networking and business trade events Training materials & opportunities for growth as well as new leadership positions.
  • Optional access to company e-mail
  • Room for growth and expansion into new opportunities as our company continues to evolve.
  • The possibility to be hired for additional services that utilize your other strengths and talents beyond sales.
  • Other Language Fluency or Bilingual is a plus (e.g. Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese etc.)

Please email resume and cover letter to:

(Note: You can substitute the cover letter by responding directly through your e-mail) along with the heading “Business Walk 360 Commissioned Sales Representative position” Please include your direct e-mail and phone number for future contact reference.

Due to the high volume of applicants, we may not be able to respond to everyone but we would like to thank everyone ahead of time for taking the time to apply.

We will follow up with only the best candidates for the sales representative job position with an in-person interview.

Please title the heading of cover letter “Business Walk 360 Commissioned Sales position”

Please include your direct e-mail and phone number for future contact reference.

(Note: You can substitute the cover letter by responding directly through your e-mail)

Please include your direct e-mail and phone number for future contact reference.

In your cover letter please tell us why you would make a good fit for our sales team and what are qualities about yourself that make you stand out. What are your total annual sales if applicable? Beyond that, what are your passions and career goals?

Due to the high volume of applicants, we may not be able to respond to every single application but we would like to thank everyone ahead of time for taking the time to apply.

We will follow up with only the best candidates for the position with an in-person interview.

No phone call inquiries, please.  Only e-mail:

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Photography example  for past client, Warehouse Discount Center