Best burgers los angeles, Umami Burger, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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best burgers downtown los angeles
Best burgers Los Angeles has to offer is Umami Burger

If you want to taste one of the best burgers Los Angeles has to offer, Umami Burger has an amazing array of some of the tastiest burgers you can find in Los Angeles. They create each of their burgers with some of the finest ingredients. In Japanese, “umami” describes a fifth flavor of deliciousness. Beyond the flavors of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, the flavor of Umami had remained unspoken to most people until now. Ingredients such as parmesan and mushroom add to this flavor of Umami which heighten ordinary food into gourmet experiences.

Umami Burger has a wide selection of burgers that represent this flavor of “umami.” They have a Truffle Burger with truffled aioli sauce, house truffle cheese and a truffle glaze. If you like a burger with a breakfast taste, try the Sunny Side burger which features a fried egg along with Parmesan frico, truffle thyme compound butter, and truffled aioli. Another favorite is the Manly Burger. Along with house beer cheddar, this burger feature bacon lardons, and smoked-salt onion rings.

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The Manly Burger at Umami Burger

If you are a newbie though, check out the ever popular Umami Burger. This features parmesan frico, shitake mushrooms, roasted tomato, and caramelized onions along with Umami’s house-made ketchup. This burger is a customer favorite that allows them to experience the umami difference. Once you bite into it, the first thing you notice is the parmesan frico permeates your mouth with flavor. The shitake mushrooms complements the chess perfectly. The meat is also well prepared and often best served medium rare.

best burgers los angeles
best burgers los angeles umami burger

The Signature Umami Burger with mushrooms, grilled online, Umami ketchup, and a crispy parmesan cheese wafer.

You can complement your orders with thin cut fries, sweet potato fries, or tempura onion rings. You can also get an almond beet salad as a healthier option.



They also have an open bar serving anything from whiskey to beer, or even cocktails.




There’s also plenty of seating inside the restaurant.


You can even come for their special happy hour for special discounts.



Here is a photo of their store front.




You can find Umami Burger on Broadway Ave. in Downtown Los Angeles at

882 S. Broadway Ave. Los Angeles, CA

or you can other locations on Umami Burger’s website here

You can check out the Google See Inside 360 virtual tour we did for their business here


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